Welcome to my oyster! 

The last few years have been a journey through brokenness, healing, learning, refining, and discovering my own pearls with Lyme Disease and depression.  I want to share with you the pain, the process, the grief, and the joy.


! NOTICE ! Wix Updates Interfering with Website

Wix, the platform used to make Joyclam.com has made changes recently in the layout and functions of their web design and particularly the Blog.  I am unable to keep up with the re-design and my articles especially are affected, as is the mobile version of my site.

I spent many hours meticulously working on the layout and fonts to make my site navigable to those with chronic illness.  I designed pages that my own foggy brain could follow, and text that my own messy eyesight could read without strain and fatigue.  All that hard work is lost, and I'm crushed.  I consider this website itself my own work of art, meaning it's been defaced, and I'm frustrated.  There is some serious gristle all up in this oyster.

I hope to continue publishing, but archives may be extremely difficult to navigate and read.  I apologize for that, and can only pray whatever words need to be said and heard will be accomplished in time. 

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