Get Cookin'!

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Changing my diet changed my life.  I firmly believe that no matter what your health condition, diagnosis, or treatment plan, there is a way to maximize your results with natural whole-food nutrition.  Sadly many doctors are uneducated in nutrigenomics and gloss over the importance of dietary changes in taking control of your health.  For everyone, this is going to include cutting back on sugar and mostly eliminating processed foods.

While you may feel that spending so much time in the kitchen is out-dated, I like to think of it as a revolutionary act that puts incredible power back into your own hands, using God's good gift of nature.  Harnessing this power gives you so much leverage over your healthcare costs, mental health, stress, relationships, and lifestyle.  Vote with your fork!

Important Notes

Recipe development and food photography is a THING!  It's a full-time job with its own set of skills and demands, and I do not have the required qualifications or patience!  What I hope to do here is simply share what I cook, but my dishes are never the same, depending on what ingredients I have on hand and what's in season.  Please graciously consider these recipes as guidelines, around which you'll build your own set of preferences for flavor, texture, and methods.  I waste little time photographing my food - I prefer to eat it.  What you see is what you get.

This is a guide to cooking for sensitive individuals, who may react to even small amounts of additives and preservatives.  When using pre-packaged or processed foods, the key to all of this is rejecting all unnecessary additives

NO citric acid, ascorbic acid, vegetable oil, dextrose, maltodextrin, unspecified natural flavors, or yeast, in addition to avoiding the usual villains of MSG, artificial coloring and flavors, and any chemical you can't pronounce or draw a picture of.  

NO iodized table salt - it contains additives, usually derived from corn.

CHECK all labels, especially herb and spice blends, condiments, canned and frozen goods.  The forbidden additives hide in almost everything.

NEVER use vegetable oil with soy, corn, or peanut oil.  Check all blends for addition of these.  Preferably ALWAYS use coconut oil, pastured lard, or olive oil.

The best way to ensure optimal nutritional value and lower inflammation is to source all meat from local farms, or find pastured, grass-fed, free-range, wild-caught proteins (cage-free and organic are useless buzzwords.)