The Challenge for 2020

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Lyme patients often say, “I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.”

But in their pain, grief, and isolation, they’ll also say, “I wish everyone would get this disease.

Then they’d know what it’s like.”


The #Lyme4Lent Challenge was conceived as a way to do both: give people the opportunity to experience firsthand some of the challenges and suffering brought on by Lyme Disease, while also giving them an incredible health tool to prevent systemic chronic illness from taking hold of their bodies.

We have a saying in Lyme: "You don't get it 'til you get it!"  So we're inviting you (in a much safer way) to GET LYME, and become a part of our support community!


Please read the posts below for more information, and check out the official Facebook page!

There’s a occurrence in immigration called “brain waste.”  It refers to what happens when highly-educated professionals from foreign countries can’t f...

We have a saying in Lyme Disease: “You don’t get it til you get it.”  This is true of all of life’s situations – chronic illness, addiction, parenthoo...

Some frequently-asked questions and "big buts" about the L4L:

What is the purpose of the Lyme4Lent Challenge?

The L4L Challenge was conceived as a way t...

Can't handle the Whole30?  "Getting" Lyme got you down?  Try the L4L Bullseye Challenge.  It's "Lyme-light" for those who are unable to do the Whole30...

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*Important notice: The Lyme4Lent Challenge is curated by Lyme patients and is not affiliated with Whole30, Whole9, or any other entity.  This page and all associated material is for informational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition.  Please talk to your doctor before beginning any dietary and lifestyle changes and monitor your health accordingly.  Participants take responsibility for acting at their own risk.