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Rákocsi Ferenc (The Shrimp-Mobile)


marker on paper

7.5" x 5.5"


Once upon a time, I met a Hungarian, and moved to Budapest to finish my art degree. The Magyar man became my other half, the Magyar-ország became my second home, and the Magyar language became my second tongue (well... it's blowing raspberries at me, anyway.) I find Hungarian to be difficult, as it is quite different from the romance languages I picked up in high school. However, where a missed accent mark or the wrong pronunciation of o, ó, ö, or ő might fail in conversation, I find mistranslations to be great fun in my imagination and artwork.

"Rákocsi Ferenc" and his shrimp-mobile are inspired by the Transylvanian national hero, II. Rákóczi Ferenc, namesake of streets, restaurants, and the 500-forint banknote, and his famous portrait by Ádám Mányoki.

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