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RE-MISSION | by Joyclam

limited editions

celebrating new life


Inspired by second chances granted with remission of Chronic Lyme Disease and Major Depressive Disorder, the RE-MISSION by Joyclam collection celebrates breathing new life into old things. Honoring the ever-flowing nature of time, the inevitability of change, and the gift of the present moment, each handmade piece is unique and issues a "new mission" to recycled, repurposed, and found materials.

RE-MISSION by Joyclam is a declaration against wasteful and toxic manufacturing processes, often at the hands of profit-driven art production, which pollute and destroy both our planetary and personal bodies. At the same time, there is a message of hope, transformation, and resilience in the face of seemingly indomitable forces of greed and destruction.

RE-MISSION by Joyclam: recycle, repurpose, revive.

"Four Skinny Trees (Arbol de la Esperanza)" | 2023

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