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The Treachery of Blockchain (NFT/VFT)

The Treachery of Blockchain by Joyclam is a marker drawing of a painting of a red balloon bursting.  Painting is being shredded through a gold frame, lower shredded portion says NFT.  Caption reads "Ceci n'est pas un pic."


marker on paper

8" x 5.5"



My husband believes, as an artist, I can get rich selling NFT's. I disagree on account of not believing the internet and having a degree in Art History. So we have a bet. I create art, make a digital file, and we see who can get rich first: me with my paper original, which I call a VFT (Very Fungible Token) or him selling my NFT.

Vote Team Joyclam (purchase the original on paper) here.

Vote Team Dracula (bid on the NFT) here. Auction closes Nov. 28!

If I win, and sell my VFT, I get to pay the bill for this web hosting and buy myself a new camera.

If he wins, and sells the NFT, he gets half the earnings, and I have to pay a CPA to figure out HTF to report an NFT to the IRS. (IKR?)

If we both lose and no one buys any art, this site gets exactly one view (hi, Mom!), and either gets shut down, or Drac continues to work in the rat race to support my addiction to creativity; I prove that the Art Market is a sham, and I have exactly one case study on which to build my M.A. thesis in a hypothetical utopian future where I can afford an M.A.

If we both win, I'll see you at the Met Gala.

What an exciting time to be a starving artist!


Art Historical References:




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